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Wolfstrail 4: Lower Section Wolfstrail 4
Wolfstrail 4: Rock Section Wolfstrail 4
Wolfstrail 1-3: Between Wolfstrail 2 /3
Wolfstrail 1-3: Wolfstrail 1
Sentier de la Palarea: Narrow trail through the dense vegetation. The terrain is steep, but the trail flows nicely along the slope.
Kiki land: Already starts technical. The village of Peille above.
Val de Ville: Fast trail along the mountain. Becomes more rocky and loose in the second part.
Canyon du l'Escarene: Airtime on one of the natural features.
Canyon du l'Escarene: Almost freeride like trail along the ridges below Berres-Les-Alpes.
Enduro de Levens: Rocky part with a clear line and a good flow.
Castellar: Nice climb along the ridge to the start of the descent.
Castellar: Steep and rocky section at the top.
Thiery: Upper part is fast, straight, flat, with a nice view into the side valleys.
Aragno Express: The ridge can be ridden all the way to the edge, where a beautiful view opens up towards the Lago d'Orta.
Persico: Bosco Finale
Persico: Bosco Finale
La Rai: Compressioni
La Rai: Tra un Salto e L'altro
Antenne 1:
Antenne 1:
Stamperia Trail: Stamperia Clandestina
Rønninga - Utsikten: Er du kommet hit er du kommet riktig. Stien svinger til høyre.
Rønninga - Utsikten: Til høyre er tilbake til bilen. Til venstre er videre ned
Rønninga - Utsikten: Ca herfra starter moroa
Rønninga - Utsikten: Når du kommer hit er det bare å snu