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Scorpion: 1
Scorpion: 2
Coma Gran: Straight and fast upper part. Watch out for hikers
Pas d'Honor: The crux with a long rock section
La Ermita: Easy upper part
a Finestrat: 3
a Finestrat: 2
a Finestrat: 1
Enduro del Fausk: Benidorm
Enduro del Fausk: Panorama
Fastchamo: 3
Fastchamo: 2
Fastchamo: 1
Revura Downhill: 4
Revura Downhill: 3
Revura Downhill: 2
Revura Downhill: 1
Erviknipa: Utsikt fra toppen
The Winter Maze: Fatbike
The Winter Maze: Fatbike
Indregardsfjellet: Nydelig utsikt
Indregardsfjellet: Skogbunn
Indregardsfjellet: Panorama
Indregardsfjellet: Følg skilting til Indregardsfjellet
Storåsen: Klopper