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Trails added by Tal Rozow in North District, Israel (5)

Hanita and Matziva combo
Intermediate trail biking, Matzuva, Akko, North District, Israel, 28.10.2018, Tal Rozow
This ride connects two official MTB trails in the western Galilee with some nice climbs, flowy descents and great views of the area.
Not technical but somewhat physical, this ride can be combined with later stopping by the old city of Akko or just going to the beach near Achziv.
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Hamore Single track
, Afula, Yizrael, North District, Israel, 28.10.2018, Tal Rozow
Another great cirular official MTB trail. Hamore trail offers a good amount of climbing and great flow with very little technical sections, so it is more physical than technical, but most of the route is singletrack.
This trail is located in the east of the Yizrael valley near Afula and has some great views and a beautiful blossom in the winter and spring.
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Mishmar Ha'emek trail area
Difficult trail biking, Mishmar HaEmek, Yizrael, North District, Israel, 23.05.2016, Tal Rozow
A none official trail center offering great singletrack runs down the hill and moderate climbs back up. Each run isn't very long, 2-3 minutes, but the trails are somewhat technical and a lot of fun!
This is one of the only spots that work well also in the rain as the mud is less sticky than other places. Great for a good trail\all-mountain session. The attached file gives a good sample of the area, but more trails are available. [ read more... ]
Naftaly Ridge XC loop
Intermediate trail biking, Kiryat Shmona, Tzfat, North District, Israel, 23.05.2016, Tal Rozow
A great trail with nice view to the Hula valley, nearby Birya trail and above the Northern city of Kiryat Shmona. The trail is mostly non technical but does have some very fast and flowy section. Most of the trail is singletrack, and there's a bit of climbing to do so its more suitable for fit riders - although with time and patience almost anyone can ride it.
Trail video here: [ read more... ]
Biria trail ( official MTB trail )
Intermediate trail biking, Biria forest, Tzfat, North District, Israel, 11.11.2015, Tal Rozow
A none technical XC trail, purpose built for mountain biking - some great landscape, good flow - will suit any mountain bike - XC\Trail\Hardtails or FS.
Not far from the Sea of Galillee, Rosh Pina and the Naftali trails ( 20 minute drive ) or Manara DH trails. [ read more... ]