Hafjell Trailbiking

Stisykkel, grusveier, seterveier og pumptrack. Her finner du fin sykling utanfør sykkelparken. Sorter gjerne etter type sykling for o finne din tur

21.3km | 0m ◢ ◣ 0m
Øyer, Innlandet

Hitfjellrunden fra Hafjell

This fantastic trip from the top of the chairlift in Hafjell, over 4 mountain peaks and back to Hafjell, should be tried. It does not look so hard on the map, but do you have the technique and breath …
11.1km | 0m ◢ ◣ 0m
Hafjell, Innlandet


The tour is quite simple and takes you to a peaceful landscape and beautiful nature. The trip is mostly on gravel road and forest road and has a climb of about 100 meters in total. Description: Star…
9.6km | 235m ◢ ◣ 222m
Hafjell, Innlandet

Kriksfjell å Mellsjøhøgda

A nice trail combo with flowy lot and good climbing
1.7km | 0m ◢ ◣ 175m
Øyer, Innlandet


Beginner friendly flow trail from the top of the gondola down to the mid station. A wide and easy way through the forest, with some nice bridges and an exciting tunnell.
22km | 406m ◢ ◣ 428m
Øyer, Innlandet


A relatively easy round trip from Mosetertoppen. The bike ride is mostly on gravel road and tractor road. Description: This trip starts with a small bend from the top of the Gondola up to the barren…
40.4km | 535m ◢ ◣ 534m
Øyer, Innlandet

Augsæter runden

This round goes north and east of Hafjell, past several idyllic hamlets, through mountain forests and partly over the tree line. The trip is best suited for the slightly more agile cyclist as it is 40…
32.5km | 204m ◢ ◣ 776m
Øyer, Innlandet

Lillehammer rundtur fra Hafjell Gondoltopp

This is a nice round trip that takes you from Gondoltoppen, down to Lillehammer center and back again to Hafjell. By taking the Gondola up to Mosetertoppen you reach up to 815 meters above sea level, …
7.3km | 104m ◢ ◣ 104m
Øyer, Innlandet

Rundtur i Øyer, forbi Hunderfossen

En kort rundtur langs elva i Øyer og Hunderfossen. Sett av tid til et par stopp langs veien og opplev attraksjoner som Vegmuseet, Barnas Gård og demningen på Hunderfossen. Beskrivelse: Start fra bun…
0km | 0m ◢ ◣ 1m
Hafjell, Innlandet

Hafjell Pumptrack

Stor asfaltert Pumptrack i Hafjell. Pumptracken er alltid åpen. Gondolens åpningstider: https://www.hafjell.no/sommer/priser-apningstider-bikepark