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Rosengarten, Niedersachsen, Germany
0.2km|0m ◢ ◣ 33m|22.01.2020


This short and fast trail starts at the Stadtscheide and goes down in snakes or in this case in the earthworm lines into the Emmetal.

At the end you can go straight up to get to the Sennhütten Trail. www.trailguide.net/5774


The trail came about in this form because it had previously been marked but not really used. In its original form, the trail just went straight down and was used by local residents as a shortcut to the Stadtscheide. The idea was to design a "little brother" for the snake so that you can practice here and the snake is not so affected.

Tour suggestion:

Blue Tour: https://trailguide.net/5795

Sören und Jonas surfen auf der neuen Linie.
Photo: Kimbaley Wilms