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Sennhütten Trail

Rosengarten, Niedersachsen, Germany
1.1km|0m ◢ ◣ 40m|22.01.2020


The Sennhütten Trail always goes up and down a bit at the beginning.

After a few hundred meters you can turn left and leave the trail at a shorter junction.


At the highest point you have the option to stay on the trail or turn off to two alternatives.

1. Fire Extinguisher Trail (red) www.trailguide.net/5702

2. Little Coward (black) www.trailguide.net/5703

If you stay on the Sennhütten Trail, it tends to go downhill over roots and smaller edges.

If you cross a forest path you can follow the forest path to the right and get to the Sennhütte, for the advanced it goes straight on.

The last few meters are very steep and exposed here and one or the other root is in the way.

Tour suggestion:

Blue Tour: https://trailguide.net/5795

Latest reports

Dustin Dre Chsler reported the conditions at Sennhütten Trail as bad. Der Trail ist teilweise noch nicht wieder befahrbar.6.mar.2022