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Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
0.4km|4m ◢ ◣ 41m|27.11.2019


Behind the Hotel Hamburger Blick, a very narrow trail leads down to the Ehestorfer Heuweg. In the first part you wind your way through the trees before you pedal about 15m up on a small forest path to get into a flowing part of the trail up to the tree trunk lying across. From the tree trunk it gets steep and technical. Once this part is done, let it run to get some airtime and roll off the trail.


For years you just pedaled back from the Hasselbrack to the Kärtner Hütte, at some point this was too boring for us. So we looked for variants to make the way back more exciting. The result is the 760. 760 based on the handlebar width, since the trees are so narrow that you would rather have a narrower handlebar. In the most technical part of the trail, it originally had to be relocated so that the bike just barely fits through the trees. Unfortunately, one of the trees was cut down by an incompetent driver, taking the fun out of everyone else.

By the way, this is the first trail that was approved and paved the way for us to work with the forest.

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