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Rosengarten, Niedersachsen, Germany
0.3km|3m ◢ ◣ 38m|27.11.2019


The fire extinguisher resembles a miniature bike park track.

As a slightly more fun variant, the trail branches off to the left halfway along the Sennhütte trail. After a few powerful steps on the pedals, it goes directly into a left-right berm combination with some airtime. Leave the brakes open, mini-step-up straight into the next berm, followed by 2 waves and a drop through two trees.

And so it goes on... (The drop can be bypassed on an alternative line.) The trail is peppered with small obstacles, double waves, step-ups and various changes of direction. There is no boredom here and you are constantly busy.


The Fire Extinguisher 1.0 was built with the aim of riding a trail where something is happening at any moment. Various changes of direction, berms, waves to jump or surf on the rear wheel, roots, stones and even a drop will not let the biker come to rest.

The fire extinguisher originally consisted of 2 lines and ran in the lower part through several collapse craters of old brown coal mines. Due to the danger of the crater collapsing, the trail was then closed and a new line was defined in consultation with the forest.

Subsequently, the current line of fire extinguishers was created in several months of hard work by many volunteers!

Tour suggestion:

Red Tour: https://trailguide.net/5794

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Photo: DD
Drop im Feuerlöscher
Photo: DD
Photo: DD
Trail Einstieg. Feuerlöscher links, Kleiner Feigling rechts
Photo: DD