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Trail biking in Etnedal, Oppland, Norway

In Etnedal you can find 4 MTB trails with a total length of 51 km. Plan your bike tour on the most beautiful singletracks with GPX tracks, pictures, descriptions and height profiles. Filter for the best rated mountain bike tours or choose the difficulty to find the best trails for your adventure. Use the Trailguide app to see your GPS location and navigate on your route.

Synnfjell, Oppland
17.5km | 821m ◢ ◣ 1072m


Over Synnfjell from Feplassen at Lenningen up to Spåtind and along Midtstranden and over Svartkampen down to Svinningsætra. Of the paths up to Spåtind, the path up from Feplassen is perhaps the gentle…
Nord-torpa, Oppland
6.2km | 586m ◢ ◣ 69m

Fjellsetra Spåtind

Høyfjellsti mostly easy with some steep sections.
Etnedal, Oppland
20.1km | 523m ◢ ◣ 523m

Over Jomfruslettfjell

Up to the top of Jomfruslettfjell it is nice to cycle if you are in good shape. Great view towards Jotumheimen, Rondane and towards Synnfjell and Spåtind. At the top, you can choose slightly different…
Etnedal, Oppland
7.5km | 282m ◢ ◣ 283m

Rundt Bjørgovarden

Start at Nordfjellstølen, and up to Bjørgovarden. About 30 minutes up. At the top you have a great view of Jotunheimen, Rondane and Hemsedal. From there, a nice round trip, which you can easily make l…