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Trail biking in Saltdal, Nordland, Norway

In Saltdal you can find 6 MTB trails with a total length of 42 km. Plan your bike tour on the most beautiful singletracks with GPX tracks, pictures, descriptions and height profiles. Filter for the best rated mountain bike tours or choose the difficulty to find the best trails for your adventure. Use the Trailguide app to see your GPS location and navigate on your route.

Sulitjelma, Nordland
4.5km | 151m ◢ ◣ 52m

Dorro - Risvatnet.

A fantastically beautiful mountain trip in perfect surroundings. Dry and nice path that mostly flows well in sloping terrain. The climb up to the road again is worth it. NB! The altitude profile app…
Røkland, Nordland
1.9km | 14m ◢ ◣ 248m


The name is a local name, not something made up by cyclists. Great trail cycling through the steep valley side above Røkland and Vensmoen. Starts quite calmly up by Storvatnet with easy, great trail …
Sulitjelma, Nordland
20.4km | 335m ◢ ◣ 773m

Fagerli via Jakobsbakken

Great trail in the Sulisfjellene, can also be split into two parts if desired. The first part is between Balvatnet and Jakobsbakken, while the second part runs from Jakobsbakken to Fagerli. Starts ju…
Rognan, Nordland
7.1km | 441m ◢ ◣ 60m

Bak Knøvlåsen

Occasionally a steep climb from Vik, nice path over the hill
Rognan, Nordland
6.1km | 198m ◢ ◣ 197m


Nice path all the way, but this quickly grows back in Grønlidalen if it is not used
Storjord - Saltdal, Nordland
2.5km | 0m ◢ ◣ 338m


Fin sti og kjerrevei i tørt terreng. Noe fallskog, men det meste går fint å sykle over. NB! Starten av stien slik den er merket her, er på grensen til Junkerdalen landskapsvernområde. Det er ikke til…