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Trail biking in Bindal, Nordland, Norway

In Bindal you can find 5 MTB trails with a total length of 11 km. Plan your bike tour on the most beautiful singletracks with GPX tracks, pictures, descriptions and height profiles. Filter for the best rated mountain bike tours or choose the difficulty to find the best trails for your adventure. Use the Trailguide app to see your GPS location and navigate on your route.

Nordhorsfjord, Nordland

Otervikfjellet - Vattafjellet.

Easily accessible and nice path. Here you will find slack and good flow on sand, clay and rock. Only a few short shots will force most of the bike. In the lower parts, if you find the marked path stee…
Bindalseidet, Nordland
4km | 7m ◢ ◣ 535m


A demanding but beautiful and well-defined path. It may require some clearing with a saw, some moving/arrangement with stone and a few alternative slings outside the crux. I rode everything, except fo…
Kveina, Nordland
2km | 0m ◢ ◣ 233m

Årnesheian - Svartbekken.

Tractor road, which is rocky and eroded in parts. Most of the trip will be green, but the most rocky part requires a certain skill in track selection and the courage to build enough speed to roll over…
Terråk, Nordland
0.9km | 0m ◢ ◣ 138m

Mer blinding enn blendende sykling.

Fin snutt, som kan bli enda bedre om man åpner den litt mer opp. Delvis singeltrack og noe firhjulingsspor på nok så tørt underlag.
Terråk, Nordland
1.7km | 0m ◢ ◣ 112m

Jenshola enduro.

Alt fra fin og nok så god flyt, til stukende og myr. Men en ok tur i et område det ikke er så mye å velge i.