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Røkland, Saltdal, Nordland, Norway
1.9km|14m ◢ ◣ 248m|04.06.2023


The name is a local name, not something made up by cyclists.

Great trail cycling through the steep valley side above Røkland and Vensmoen. Starts quite calmly up by Storvatnet with easy, great trail cycling. Midway there is a stream crossing and a wet section of 50-100 metres. The path then meanders between pine and birch stands before entering steeper and partly technically demanding terrain down to a gravel road.

There are a number of large windfalls in the distance to get a little more flow in the cycling. Still some juniper thickets etc. that you have to maneuver past.

It may be beneficial to roll up to familiarize yourself with the various technical points.


The path is easy to find at the top. Cycle to Storvatnet, then straight ahead past a couple of cabins. After that, no choice of path, just to follow.

From below, the path can be difficult to see. It starts about 10 meters before the road junction.

The trail itself starts a little past the exit to Vensmoen. Drive through the yard, park around when driving up to the water tower.

Parti i øvre del av Bollastien
Photo: Sveinung Bertnes Råheim