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Kjølen ned - litt oppom Skogshorn - Storevatnet - Nøreli

Gol, Viken, Norway
35.3km|920m ◢ ◣ 920m|29.10.2022


A good trip that starts at the car park at Auenhauglivegen.

The trip starts on an easy forest road in the direction of Nøreli, then onto a gravel road towards Lykkja. At Lykkja fjellstue, take a sharp turn to the left and continue on the dirt road up towards the mountain. Follow the dirt road until you reach the parking lot at the top. Continue on the path sloping up towards the mountain.

Take a sharp left turn when you reach the flat and pedal on towards the top. When you get past the top, there is a little bumpy path down to the left before this changes to a nice and flat high mountain path.

Follow this for a long time, follow the GPS and turn left when you see a natural intersection. This path is much narrower and at times a bit bumpy. It doesn't really matter which of the paths you follow down towards the big path up to Skogshorn.

If you feel like it, pedal and roll all the stairs up towards Skogshorn, until it becomes so steep that there is no point in cycling any more. Turn and enjoy your way down.

At the car park, turn right and follow the asphalt until you turn left onto Ålruststølvegen, follow this straight ahead, and also keep straight ahead towards Blomeslettvegen.

At the end of this road, cycle straight ahead up the path towards Nøreli. After a good climb, you deserve the view from Nørelitoppen.

Follow the same forest road back to the start.


Drive your car towards Golsfjellet West. A short distance before Golsfjellet Fjellstue, follow the map. There will be a parking space close to the crossing to Nedre Auenhauglie. Park the car here and start the trip by cycling down the dirt road to Lower Auenhauglie.

Nydelig flat flytsti når du har kommet opp på fjellet
Photo: Glenn Østerud
Svært god utsikt når du tråkket et stykke opp mot Skogshorn :-)
Photo: Glenn Østerud