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Blåfjell Nord

Flå, Nes, Viken, Norway


Great and relatively easy top hike!

About 1.5 km to the top with mostly pushing/carrying the bike.

Good flow at the top over rocky/high mountain trails.

Some pushing towards the end of the trip, possibly demanding cycling for experts.


Drive towards Turufjell from the center of Flå.

Turn off towards Veneli a little up the slopes just before the bridge that crosses the river (60.4553736,9.4565788).

Follow the road further (automatic barrier) a good distance uphill.

After a narrow short bridge, there is a T-junction (60.4874533,9.4392993).

Turn left at the T-junction towards Dagali/Domfet.

Follow the power line as far as you can after passing Domfet.

ATTENTION! The last 400m requires a car with good ground clearance.

Upper parking ("Offroad") - 60.5406898,9.340644

Lower parking - 60.539923,9.3462326

Blåfjell toppen, bakerst midt i bildet.
Photo: Øyvind Krogsrud
Fra Blåfjell toppen. Retning sør-vest.
Photo: Øyvind Krogsrud