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Blåmann del 1 - Hallingmo Stisenter

Gol, Viken, Norway
0.2km|17m ◢ ◣ 14m|05.08.2022


This is the first path at the entrance to Hallingmo Stisenter. Blåmann is a climbing trail that can be cycled in both directions and takes you up to the other floating trails and the skills trail.


You will find Blåmann right next to the community center, and at the car park above the park in the center of Gol.

Trailhead på Hallingmo Stisenter
Photo: @hallingdalrides / Lars Storheim
Photo: @hallingdalrides / Lars Storheim

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Bjørn Jarle Kvande reported the conditions at Blåmann del 1 - Hallingmo Stisenter as perfect. Perfekte sommerforhold nå31.may.2023