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Gamlevegen over Rauddalen

Gol, Viken, Norway
3km|101m ◢ ◣ 95m|17.07.2022


The old road over Rauddalen runs from Søreli-Nystølen to Rauddalen. The path is a partially reworked older cart road. Easy to cycle both ways, possibly easiest from Søreli-Nystølen. The path is a good alternative to cycling around the dirt road. It climbs up into beautiful mountain terrain up to almost 1,100 meters above sea level. The path is mostly dry, but there is a damp section with some bog and a few streams just west of Gamlevollen on Rauddalen.

The path can easily be cycled with all types of bicycle.


From the west: Start up the road to Søreli-Nystølen close to Kyrkja. The same town where one of the main paths to Rauddalsfjellet starts.

From the east: Cycle up one of the vegans to Rauddalen. It is possible to cut out a path from Gamlevollen to where the stream from Dansartjernet comes down, cycle along the tractor road instead.