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Gromsti, Grevlingen-Eventyrstien-Ishavet-Furumoen

Son/Mossemarka, Vestby Municipality, Viken, Norway
12.1km|219m ◢ ◣ 218m|06.06.2022


Favorite tour with varying degrees of difficulty. Some demanding crux, but nothing extreme.

Follow the path from Brevikbråteveien down to Osloveien/Gamle Mossevei (approx. 1 km). Cross Osloveien after the bridge (NB: here there is a bend and the cars keep a high speed). Cross the gravel site and follow the construction road north for approx. 100 m. Turn sharply to the right (almost 180 degrees) onto a narrow path and follow it to the underpass under the E6. Follow the tractor road up the hill, and take the path at the very end of the "wood splitting area", keep left.

You will eventually enter Kongeveien. After a good bit along this, turn left at a bench on a knoll. Follow the Adventure Path to the end; a crossroads in a "dump". Keep left here, up a small hill, then right over a klop. Keep right again at the next intersection after approx. 100 m. Here the path starts along the Arctic Ocean (a marshy area). The path gradually turns to the left and away from the Arctic Ocean. NB: the last half of the section along the Arctic Ocean is closed during breeding season (15 May - 15 July), then follow the signs and instructions for an alternative path. Both options end at a 4-way junction, here you continue straight ahead. Follow the path to Furumoen and then towards Ødemørk again. At the "dump"/crossing where you came down from Eventyrsien, you continue straight ahead towards Ødemørk. At Ødemørkstua, follow Kongeveien northwards until you (hopefully) recognize yourself and enter the start of the route.


From the area around Kiwi Sletta/Porsche Center Son: follow Brevikbråteveien south for 800 m until you reach a wide path on the left.

The tour can also be cycled with Ødemørkstua as the starting point. There are very good parking options here. Follow Kongeveien north for approx. 800 m until you see a bench on the right side of the road. On the knoll behind the bench starts the part of the route that runs along the Adventure Trail.

Furumoen rally
Photo: Frank Thorsteinsen
Photo: Frank Thorsteinsen
Photo: Frank Thorsteinsen