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Dansartjernet til Høvreslia via Kvilingberget

Kvilingberget, Gol, Viken, Norway
1.9km|16m ◢ ◣ 137m|22.07.2021


Nice trail cycling. Starts in lovely low mountain terrain. Walks over Kvilingberget and then through birch forest down to the road. Good trail with moderate amounts of rock. Works both up and down. Upwards, most people will have to wheel a bit, but most of it is cycleable. Nice ending or introduction to the wonderful cycling on the paths in Raudalsfjellet and Bergaleinnatten.

On Kvilingberget it is also possible to head further east and follow the path over the marshes and descend further away on Høvreslia. There will be a lot of flat cycling on partly beaten-up bog.


From below: The trail is one of the usual vegan trails up Rauddalsfjellet from Høvreslia. Take off upwards of approx. 500 after Tronrudsætre/Karlsgotrøe. From the Gol side, the path starts approx. 800 meters after the county border.

Up in the mountain, the path takes off from the "main path" around Rauddalsfjellet just north of Dansartjerne. Easy to see on the map and in the terrain.