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Nesoddtangen til Drøbak på smalsti

Nesoddtangen, Nesodden, Viken, Norway
28.9km|650m ◢ ◣ 505m|06.08.2020


The trip goes between the jetty on Nesoddtangen by Signalen and soon enters the narrow path after some climbing. It goes to the Vanntårnet at the northern end of Seierstenmarka in Drøbak. It is located in the area called Heer/Høyås (Høiås).

From there there are many fine paths for local cycling or further journeys down towards Son/Hvitsten (https://trailguide.net/8087)

This is the path for those with asphalt and gravel allergies. It can be spiced up by cycling up Grimsåsen and Branntårnet.

Be aware of chains at handlebar height around Røer Gård. In the twilight and darkness, they can be difficult to spot.


Take the Nesodd boat from Aker Brygge in Oslo. There are boat and bus connections to and from Drøbak.

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Simen Berg reported the conditions at Nesoddtangen til Drøbak på smalsti as ok. 10.jun.2022