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Gol, Viken, Norway
3km|190m ◢ ◣ 247m|27.07.2020


Flowy trail from the peak of Nørelihovda. Can be ridden in both directions. From the start you have an amazing view over the Tisleifjorden.

Find the whole tour here: https://trailguide.net/340

Full-day tour with little pushing starting from Hemsedal that takes you over Nørelihovda over to Golsfjellet with Veslefjell, Storefjell and Ørterhøvda on everything from superflowy singletrack and more demanding surfaces with some necessary gravel sections to tie it all together. Surely many people think that it is blue, but my opinion is that even if most of it is cycleable, it is sometimes a little demanding trail cycling.

NB: It is important to cycle the round anti-clockwise. In other words, turn right when you get to Appelsintreet for the first time.


Take the car and drive up towards Lykkja at the junction at Ulsåk. Continue up a little past the cross-country arena Gravset and take the gravel road up to the right. This is the dirt road around which you cycle "Storevatnet" (See tourist brochure). Follow the signs "Storevatnet Rundt" until the dirt road splits into a T-junction a few hundred meters further up and the path begins straight ahead.

Latest reviews

Jon Rellsve rated Nørelihovda very good. Blomeslettane til Nøreli er en av de fineste strekkene jeg sykler i Hemsedal. Morsom og variert. Mye god flyt og varierende opp/ned . Fin begge veier. Foretrekkes dog når det er tørt.28.aug.2022

Latest reports

Jon Rellsve reported the conditions at Nørelihovda as perfect. 28.aug.2022