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Liheia - Breskelia

Bø i Telemark, Midt-telemark, Vestfold og Telemark, Norway
3.4km|72m ◢ ◣ 256m|21.06.2020


Easy cycling from the parking ring at Innleggen and over to Kolahuset.

A couple of very steep parts at the start before it flattens out and becomes a nice flowing path down.

Some rocky sections after passing a small stream.

When you come down to a felling field, keep to the right and cycle along a nice path until you come onto a tractor road. Turn left and roll onto the road that goes through Breskelia.


Cycle inland from Innleggen in Liheia.

After passing Sletteliberga you will come to Kolahuset on the left (a small barrack/hut that looks tired).

Just before you pass the house, the path goes down on the left.

If you reach the Dingdong church/Bryggefjell junction, you have cycled too far.

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Vemund Hoholm rated Liheia - Breskelia very good. Veldig fin sti, mye variasjon her. Litt gjengrodd enkelte steder, men ikke noe problem29.jun.2022