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Riksveg 7

Golreppen, Gol, Buskerud, Norway
3.3km|48m ◢ ◣ 364m|05.07.2014


A path that traverses under Skaraåsen and takes you at great speed over tractor roads through the birch forest, delicious pine needles paths through dense pine forest, and hard-packed dirt paths.

The trail begins with a section of footpath across a tramway with a slight incline. The tractor road then starts to slope down a bit and with a little pedaling you can get super speed and flow, remember to keep to the right at every fork in the road. Midway along the tractor road you enter a narrow path before hitting the road again, remember to keep right here.

Follow the tractor road until you come to an intersection. Here you can choose to turn right and walk upwards for two or three minutes to get a super small section of path down through the pine forest. If you can't bear to pedal, you can turn left and then continue on the path down to the left.

If you go up to the right, step up the tractor road until you get a new overgrown tractor road up to the right. Just before it, and down to the left you will enter the path, follow this until you come down to the tractor road you just cycled up.

Cross the road and enter a path 5 meters to the left of where you came down. Here follows a hard-packed dirt and gravel path at high speed that takes you down a dirt road. Turn right on the gravel road, cycle 40 meters away and the path continues down to the left. Follow this down to FV223 (watch out for pedestrians). Cross the road and continue on a tractor road/path that takes you down to RV7.

A nice round trip is to park at Maxbo, cycle to the end of Tuppeskogstien, pedal up it and then onto Skaraåsvegen.


Take Skaraåsvegen up from Steinmoen, 40 meters east of where Tuppeskogvegen meets FV223 (Golreppen). At the third hairpin turn (a right turn) you cycle onto a tractor road.

If you drive a car, remember to bring NOK 40 to the barrier, which you will find 200 meters after the crossing. If you cycle, calculate 15-20 minutes pedaling uphill.

One of the faster sections of the trail, april 2017
Photo: Bjørn Jarle Kvande

Latest reviews

Anders Viko rated Riksveg 7 epic. Fin sti. Muntlig å ha stor fart.2.aug.2021
Antti Ollila rated Riksveg 7 very good. Super trail. I almost could rate it epic. Some wet parts now in early spring. Climb is not too hard and descent is fun fun fun.8.may.2018
Børge Jensen rated Riksveg 7 epic. Kjempesti med god flyt. Syklet litt for langt opp traktorveien til et jorde. Men pytt😊 ellers magisk gøy 😊👍🏻😍2.aug.2017
Svenn Åge Sletner rated Riksveg 7 epic. Deilige og gode fartspartier. Vel verdt bomavgiften.8.jul.2017
Peter Seidl rated Riksveg 7 good. Doubletrail in the beginning. Second part is nice and fast28.apr.2017

Latest reports

Anders Viko reported the conditions at Riksveg 7 as good. 28.jul.2023
Bjørn Jarle Kvande reported the conditions at Riksveg 7 as very good. Bra forhold men ligger et tre i stien litt uoversiktlig til. 10.jun.2023
Lars Wraae Jensen reported the conditions at Riksveg 7 as good. Stort sett tørt og fint. Noen seksjoner med vann/gjørme på øverste travers. Vegetasjonen begynner å bli tett på en kortere strekning ca midtveis.18.may.2023
Lê Quốc reported the conditions at Riksveg 7 as good. Topp forhold. Litt bløtt på topp og bunn. Lite tre som har falt, ta med håndsag!14.may.2023
Bjørn Jarle Kvande reported the conditions at Riksveg 7 as ok. Trenger fortsatt litt tørk og en tur med saga.5.may.2023