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Sjenås til Fiskelaus

Lunde, Midt-telemark, Vestfold og Telemark, Norway
2.5km|28m ◢ ◣ 199m|23.04.2020


Great trail that was newly cleared in 2020 by Nome Stisykkel. It offers a lot of good flow through pine forest, and a couple of exciting descents towards the end.


Cycle up to Sjenås. Follow the pink ribbon/rope or GPS track from there. ;-)

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Anders Haukeli rated Sjenås til Fiskelaus epic. Dette har blitt en fantastisk sti etter at den ble ryddet av Nome Stisykkel! Anbefales!27.aug.2020

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Anders Haukeli reported the conditions at Sjenås til Fiskelaus as perfect. 😁👍👏24.aug.2020