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Nesbyen, Nes, Buskerud, Norway
1.2km|89m ◢ ◣ 358m|20.09.2015


This path offers a good mix of newly made path and old timber towpath. The first 100 meters start with a new path and cleared terrain before entering an old timber towpath. Here it gets steeper and it undulates downwards. You can let go, but be careful in a couple of tight places.

After a 90 degree right turn and a steep left turn, you cross another path. The path you cross is currently reserved for pedestrians, so don't be tempted to drive down it. After the crossing you come to a new part which has been newly made, Here you get hilly fun singletrack before you get back onto an old timber tow.

You eventually come to a new forest machine road which you follow for about 50 meters before you turn down to the right and follow the timber sled again. After another 50 meters you come to the place that has given the path the name Gymmen. Up here in the forest, some local broilers have created a small training study in the middle of the forest. So if you feel like trimming your biceps a bit before cycling on, you have the opportunity here.

The path further follows the timber sled for a bit before it turns into a normal singletrack path. Almost at the bottom, you enter the path you crossed earlier and follow the last 100 meters down to the asphalt road. To get back to civilization follow the tarmac and take the second road to the left and follow it further down.


Google Maps link to the starting location: https://goo.gl/maps/XNpRqZNtLbiRyVzX7

From the center of Nesbyen head east, towards the river and the railway station. After the bridge over the railway station take the left sign for Todalen, After about 2 km there is a dirt road to the left. Follow this straight ahead for a few km until you reach a viewpoint and the road descends again. The path starts approx. 200 meters after the road descends again. In a slight right turn, the path goes out to the left. There are some trees on the ground that show the entrance to the path. Enjoy!

Utsiktspunktet ca 200 meter før stien starter
Photo: Ove Grøndal

Latest reviews

Anders Lund rated Gymmen good. May be visually obstructed by overgrowth season27.jul.2020
Petter Bernhardsen rated Gymmen very good. Kanon fin sti🏁28.apr.2018

Latest reports

Sigbjørn Langerud reported the conditions at Gymmen as ok . All the windfall’s now removed, except for one log. The landowner doesnt allow us to use chainsaw there. And there is also a 150m part of the trail affected by logging, not restored back yet. There is a fair bit of small rocks and small debris at some parts of the trail. This will be removed before Trailcamp:)23.apr.2022
Sigbjørn Langerud reported the conditions at Gymmen as bad . Heavy windfall at the mid-part, its being removed. Conditions to be updatet when ready!22.apr.2022
Vegard Bjørnsen reported the conditions at Gymmen as bad . MYE vindfall...!15.apr.2022
Gunnar Westholm reported the conditions at Gymmen as bad . Plenty of store vindfall vanskelige at passere24.nov.2021
Peter Seidl reported the conditions at Gymmen as good . 4.nov.2021