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Haugastøl, Hol, Buskerud, Norway
6.9km|136m ◢ ◣ 91m|12.09.2015


This is a very demanding path with lots of rocks along the T-marked path between Fagerheim and Heinseter. Recommended only for those who are particularly interested. Full concentration is required throughout. Over 80% is possible to cycle, but it requires a lot and there are no long stretches with flow. We had planned to reach Tuva, but had to turn back due to demanding trail cycling, a late start and bad weather. Another time we might leave a little earlier in the day and bring food for a very long trip... Then we might reach Tuva and Ustaoset.


Fagerheim is a natural starting point for trips to Heinseter. The cycle tour can also start at Ustaoset or Haugastøl with a good stage on asphalt first (Rv7). Parking at the Lappesteinen on Rv7.

Steinete sti mot Hein
Photo: Lars Syrstad
Fantastisk å sykle på vidda med vidt utsyn
Photo: Lars Syrstad
Deler av stien må du nok trille sykkelen
Photo: Lars Syrstad

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