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Nesbyen, Nes, Buskerud, Norway
1.7km|18m ◢ ◣ 351m|11.09.2015


A classic in Nesbyen! The path is quite rough in places and has a few sharp turns, but offers natural dosages and fast roller-coaster cycling on old log sleds.

NB! Do not park on the private property where the path ends (park along Alfarvegen or in the centre).

To cycle this path, you have three alternative arrivals:

1. Cycle (or shuttle parts of the road) up the dirt road that begins a few hundred meters north of where the path ends.

2. Cycle up Bringenattvegen / Lyshøgdvegen from Rukkedalen to the start of the Påskekstra path (which is also extra rough) which is followed to the Påskestien.

3. Cycle from the top of Espeset, via the rather rough paths Påskeekstra Extra and Påskeekstra.


Uphill: https://trailguide.net/4434

Description of arrival option 1:

From the center of Nesbyen, you cycle/shuttle Allfarvegen in the direction of Gol. When you come to a large embankment/fall protection, turn off to the left and keep left. Follow this road upwards. After a second 180 degree turn, take the first intersection to the left and follow the road up. You can drive a good distance up here until the road becomes too steep and bad. From here it's steep, you can cycle if you bother or push. Where the road has grown back, you continue for about another 100 meters and the road completely flattens out. Here the path starts steeply down to the left.

Det kan gå fort på Påskestien
Photo: Lars Storheim

Latest reviews

Endre Asheim Hennum rated Påskestien very good. Fart og morro!22.jul.2021
Torgeir Lognvik rated Påskestien epic. Soaking wet, so a bit difficult for me. Not that difficult for experienced riders I guess😊8.jun.2020
Tor Ivar Lyse rated Påskestien epic. 22.may.2020
Andreas Birk Birkeland rated Påskestien epic. 5/5. Høy fart og god stemning!15.sep.2019
Philipp Martin rated Påskestien epic. Amazing trail. The climb is quite steep at the end, but the descent rewards you 100 times back. Must do!29.jul.2018

Latest reports

Sigbjørn Langerud reported the conditions at Påskestien as very good . Windfall at mid-section, removed!28.jun.2022
Petter Fyksen Lund reported the conditions at Påskestien as very good . En del løv stien, men veldig tørre og fine forhold. 30.apr.2022
Sigbjørn Langerud reported the conditions at Påskestien as good . Windfall removed! There is a small bit of ice left in the mid-section, and there’s the usual wet spots. But beside that, the trail is dry and ready to be ridden.24.apr.2022
Sigbjørn Langerud reported the conditions at Påskestien as bad . The trail has now been cleaned up for fallen trees. Some parts are still not rideable do to ice and frozen ground. 16.apr.2021
William Gibson reported the conditions at Påskestien as very good . All good to ride, cleared all the winter debris so it's good to go for this season!1.may.2020