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Sti Mcgee

Nesbyen, Nes, Buskerud, Norway
2.8km|68m ◢ ◣ 578m|11.09.2015


ATTENTION! Parts of the trail "grow back" with tall grass in the middle of summer. It therefore pays to take this trail early or late in the season for optimal visibility.

A speedfest of a trail. Top speed of 60 km/h is possible. Requires pushing to the top of Klevarudnatten, but it's worth the effort".

You start here either from Trytetjern or cycle all the way from Nesbyen. At Trytetjern, you cycle out to "Usikten", which is the starting point for many downhill-based trails. From Utsikten you follow the signs towards Klevarudnatten. From here it is a 30-40 minute push to the top of Klevarudnatten. When the path has flattened out for a while and you are almost at the top, you see a path going down to the left. This is trail Mcgee. But it is recommended to walk the last 100 meters to the summit. Here it's nice to take a breather on the ground and look at the view straight down on "downtown" Nesbyen.

Cycle the same path back again before turning right at the aforementioned path intersection. From here the path is narrow and eventually quite steep, winding and technical for 300 metres. After this section, you enter a forest machine road where the speed can be greatly increased. Here, you just have to feed through fun turns, slightly undulating terrain and a couple of small surprises. You come down on a gravel road, follow it for 50 meters and turn right and follow an old timber towpath. Bold path, high speed you come to two path junctions where you keep left. Lots of flow, high speed and fun. The path ends at an asphalt road, where the NC track also crosses the asphalt. Here you can either take the asphalt down to Nesbyen or follow the last part of the NC trail to the finish line. Or cycle/shuttle to the top again and take another bold path down.


From Nesbyen, follow the road signs to Todalen. Up by the water trytetjern take the first road to the left. Climbing to Utsikten: https://trailguide.net/2210

Grei utsikt på Klevarudnatten
Photo: Ove Grøndal

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