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Skrautvål, Nord-Aurdal, Oppland, Norway
7.2km|144m ◢ ◣ 317m|04.09.2015


Long and gentle trail from the top of Skardåsen down to Valdres Ski Center via Trugebakk. If you start the trip on the path at Neverset, you get a nice technical uphill session before the descent starts. Nice high mountain path at the top before it leads down to a path through birch and spruce forest. The middle section is hilly and ensures that the heart rate is kept up. Towards the end it gets steeper and those who like high speed will thrive here. The path can be a bit narrow in places, but a nice bottom ensures that the speed and flow are kept up. Suitable for hard tail as well as full damper. Expect to have to get off the bike in some wet holes if you cycle here in wet periods.

Parts of this path are threatened by overgrowth and call for more users!

Tip: From Valdres Ski Center there is a small transport stage on gravel to the trail network in Ranheimsbygda. This can further be linked with trails all the way down to Fagernes/Leira, thus providing many kilometers on trail!


The GPS track shows the start at Neverset, approx. 4-5 kilometers from Valdre's ski center (see map). It is thought that most people will start from Valdres Ski Center and cycle into Neverset and start the trail tour there. But it is of course possible to cycle the GPS track both up and down.

Fint å sykle opp - og ned.
Photo: Endre Asheim Hennum
Klassisk Valdres.
Photo: Endre Asheim Hennum
Kan være mye strå på høsten, ellers er stien åpen og fin!
Photo: Endre Asheim Hennum

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