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Åsgardan, Gol, Buskerud, Norway
1.2km|0m ◢ ◣ 132m|10.09.2013


The path takes you through a steep hand-made forest path with steep and steep gradients and ends with a fantastic flow through the birch forest.

The path first takes you through a series of transverse ditches through the pine forest and down towards a tractor road. Turn right onto the tractor road and follow it to the end.

At the turning point, you then enter a hand-built, steep path with some steep inclines. Then follows a straight stretch on an old timber path. After approx. After 100 metres, the path continues into the forest on the right. This can be difficult to see at speed, but the entrance is approx. 50 meters after a handmade jump on the left side.

Here follows a steep stretch with a series of steep and steep inclines, where you eventually come down to a gravel road. Follow the left bend around, and immediately after the bend there is a path sign down to the right.

From the trail sign follows a nice, fairly flat section with hard-packed soil interspersed with some stones. This section crosses a tractor road and finally takes you down to the power plant at Domholt.

Follow the underside of the fence by the power plant and you will enter the path that takes you through the birch and pine forest and down towards Robølvegen. Just before you come down to the tarmac road, you can turn left and follow a gentle and winding path down towards the car park for Gol Sport og Verktøy.

Take a look around the Gol Sport og Verktøy store.

If you only take the last half, the path is marked blue.


Option 1: From the center of Gol, drive FV51 towards Fagernes until you reach Åsgardane after a series of hairpin bends. Then take a right, then the first left onto a dirt road, follow this until you come to a barrier. Cycle past the barrier and approx. 100m inwards to the "roundabout". The path starts at the southern end of the roundabout.

Option 2: From shell down on RV7, cycle onto Hagaskogvegen and take the dirt road up to the left after a couple of hundred metres. Follow this dirt road until you reach the "roundabout" in Vindfallet.

Gaute på tur nedover flytsti i furuskog 30. mars.
Photo: Bjørn Jarle Kvande

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