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Tottelia blå linje

Hemsedal, Hemsedal kommune, Buskerud, Norway
0.3km|125m ◢ ◣ 9m|25.06.2019


The blue line is designed as a dual slalom track, where you can race two against each other. A few minor jumps.

Cycling arena for everyone - green, red and blue line for all abilities, with dosed turns, bumps and jumps. Cozy rest areas in the area with fantastic views.


Due to some construction work in the area around Tottelia this summer, the only access to Tottelia is via Skiheisveien, take the dirt road at the sign Tottenskogen.

Just before Tottelia Hyttegrend, a footpath goes up to the left, follow it upwards, to the start of the cycle track.

Recommended car parking at the ski lift car park on the right side of Skiheisveien.

Blå linje i Tottelia Rides
Photo: Anneli Rosberg Vøllo
Dual slalåm - blå linje i Tottelia
Photo: Anneli Rosberg Vøllo