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Vanntårnets skjulte stier

Røyse, Hole, Buskerud, Norway
2.6km|119m ◢ ◣ 112m|03.05.2019


Several fun trails with some technical parts. Descent on the north side of Steinsåsen should be done on the eastern trail as this is too steep and winding to cycle up. Apart from this section, the trail is also suitable for those who do not have much experience.

On the slope down towards Pilgrimsveien, there are several small paths. At the top you cross the road to the water tower and cycle out towards the edge where there is a narrower path with a bit more rock and roots. Farthest east is a small intersection. and the path to the descent can be a bit difficult to see if you don't stop. Further down there are some short very steep sections plus a couple of sharp bends. Down on the ski slope (Kongo), a new path leads west up the slope. Outside of this, there is a short section on a tractor road/grass before a steep ascent towards the top starts. Once at the top, the trail starts again at the manhole cover, the start is only a narrow ledge for the most experienced, others can roll past the few metres. At the top by the water tower, several paths go down towards Pilgrimsveien again. The favorite is the one that starts 50m beyond and goes downhill. Ends with a couple of fun jumps.


There are two paths up from Pilgrimsveien. Alternatively, you can start at the very top of Rudvangveien and cycle in behind the barrier. From here there is an access road all the way to the water tower.

Utsikt fra toppen
Photo: Jarle Berentzen