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Røyse, Hole, Buskerud, Norway
1.4km|22m ◢ ◣ 23m|16.04.2019


Viksåsen consists of many fine paths well suited for light trail cycling. Everything from wide to narrow paths. Some small drops, good for teaching children trail cycling. Popular walking area for walking dogs so it's good to keep pace on the main paths. Many entrances/exits to the area.


Entrance 1: Behind Hole secondary school

Entrance 2: Behind Ringbygg, in the heart of Blomshøgda, sometimes a little poorly signposted, starts behind a garage. Follow along the hedge and turn right around the house at the end. The path runs very close to the house, so try to keep to the outer edge of the lawn. 200m after the house, turn right into the forest.

Entrance 3: From Løkenmoen, gravel road sloping upwards parallel to the footpath. 50 meters before the house at the end of the road, turn right onto tractor road.