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Røyse, Hole, Buskerud, Norway
1.2km|62m ◢ ◣ 47m|16.04.2019


Steep and demanding climb up to the water tower, well suited for EMTB. An alternative if you want a quieter start could be a gravel road up here that starts a little further down the old road. Behind the water tower, the trail starts at a great vantage point. Continue under the mobile mast and follow the ridge beyond. Several parts where nice flow is achieved. Towards the end, there is a nice descent before a short walk along the edge of the field takes you onto a tractor road that goes down to the gravel road.

The opposite route can be a good alternative if you want to avoid the steep climb up to the water tower.


The path starts where the field ends and the forest begins. Opposite side of the entrance to Hagahaugveien.