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Vindfallet - bare blåbær

Åsgardan, Gol, Buskerud, Norway
2km|3m ◢ ◣ 272m|10.09.2013


This path takes you through felled fields and lovely pine needle paths through the pine forest. The path just east of the tractor road at Vindfallet and starts with a section of footpath where the track can be difficult to see, but tree trunks have been laid out to mark where it goes.

After the pedaling section, you come down on a tractor road. Follow this and cross the tractor road after a couple of hundred meters (the path continues approx. 5 meters to the left), follow the path until you come down to the gravel road and cross this. After the dirt road, it starts with a fairly decent children's needle path, but after a couple of minutes there is a slightly demanding incline (the level of difficulty for the incline is red).

When you have come down from the slope, there is a small section of steps followed by a lovely children's needle path that takes you out onto the dirt road by the shooting range. Watch out for the sharp left turn that takes you down towards the stream. Here there is a sign showing the way.

Then just roll down to RV7 on the dirt road you came in on (turn right about 50 meters before turning left and down again). Watch out for activity on the shooting range.


Option 1: From the center of Gol, drive FV51 towards Fagernes until you reach Åsgardane after a series of hairpin bends. Then take a right, then the first left onto a dirt road, follow this until you come to a barrier. Cycle past the barrier and approx. 100m inwards. Just east of the "roundabout" you find here, the path starts across the flat to the east.

Option 2: From shell down on RV7, cycle onto Hagaskogvegen and take the dirt road up to the left after a couple of hundred metres. Follow this dirt road for approx. 200 meters before the boom, takes approx. 35-45 minutes.

Fast and narrow between the trees.
Photo: Bjørn Jarle Kvande
Peter Seidl on his first run on a Hallingdal trail, April, 2017
Photo: Bjørn Jarle Kvande
A small part of the trail adjusted by human hands.
Photo: Bjørn Jarle Kvande

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