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Nystølfjellet rundt

Gol, Viken, Norway
12.9km|573m ◢ ◣ 573m|15.07.2015


Here you have a nice mountain trail round that gives you a good mountain path with soil and stone and several fun descents as well as a trip to Gol municipality's highest point at 1,296 m above sea level.

From the car park at the barrier, take the gravel road towards Nystølen. When you get there, push the bike approx. 20 meters up to where the trail begins. This is in the bend by the cabin, you see the blue-painted stone.

From there, a nice path goes northeast before it turns west and goes on the back of Nystølfjellet. You eventually come to a stream with a wooden bridge over it, where you have to go over and up the hill. At the top of the hill there will be another crossing. Here you can choose both roads, but I think you get the best descent if you choose the left road on the way to Dugurdstjernet. From the barbecue hut by the pond, you get a fantastic descent towards Svilestølan.

When you reach the bottom of the descent (there are some benches), follow the path to the right and down towards Vardhovd. From there it is climbing back up the mountain again. Most of it can be cycled by driven crux cyclists.

When you are back at the wooden bridge after a quick descent from the top, there is more climbing up towards Nystølvarden itself. From the cairn there is a fantastic descent (steep at times, but hysterically fun) back to Nystølen. Then it's just a matter of pedaling back to the car on the dirt road.

This path works best in dry weather, preferably should have been dry for a couple of days. If you choose to cycle it in wet weather or after rain, then it may be good to just follow the northern track back and forth as this is a more sustainable path and not so prone to bike tracks in wet conditions.

Calculate approx. 3 hours on the trip.


Drive to Herad, east of Gol, and turn off at Liagardsvegen (signposted to Bagn) and follow this, remember your card or coin for the barrier (50 kroner). Drive on until you reach the road to Frøysåkstølan and enter here. Here it costs NOK 20 (coins) to pay through the barrier. Drive until you reach a new barrier and park there. Then cycle the road towards Nystølen (the barrier on the left).

Jallis med Golsfjellet og litt av Jotunheimen i bakgrunnen
Photo: Bjørn Jarle Kvande
Laban fører an på Nystølfjellet. Jotunheimen i bakgrunnen.
Photo: Bjørn Jarle Kvande
På tur hjem igjen. Golsfjellet og Jotunheimen i bakgrunnen.
Photo: Bjørn Jarle Kvande
Den lokale guiden
Photo: Martin Kilmark
Martin nyter barfrosten
Photo: Bjørn Jarle Kvande

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