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Tjørnbrotbu-Geiskelig utfordrende.

Hovden, Aust-Agder, Tokke, Telemark, Norway


This is high mountain biking. The trip is suitable for those who like to be on a trip and have great experiences in nature. It is essentially downhill cycling all the way. How you get up to Tjørnbrotbu is another story. The trail is rocky, demanding, fun, and occasionally very beautiful to say the least. Not a floating path, but a very bikeable walking path. I completed the trip on a fat bike, which offers a number of advantages with attachment and general tractor characteristics. but missed damping in several periods where a trail bike would have cost more. As you plunge down towards the tree line and the first hundred meters into the birch forest is the weakest part, but then the path gradually becomes more enjoyable and better. One has to calculate many streams and student crossings on this trip. I found it difficult to rate the difficulty of this trail, but have put it in red because of certain sections.


Make your way up to Tjørnbrotbu from Hovden. The best way is up to Hartevasstjønni and then take the east onto the DNT path up to the cabin.

Photo: Sondre Rua Dokken
Noen bekker kan sykles
Photo: Sondre Rua Dokken
Til tider helt fantastisk
Photo: Sondre Rua Dokken
Photo: Sondre Rua Dokken
Før det går brattere ned
Photo: Sondre Rua Dokken

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Rune Knutsen rated Tjørnbrotbu-Geiskelig utfordrende. very good. Fantastisk høyfjells-sykling. Det meste er mulig å sykle med litt innsats, teknikk og el-sykkel😊26.jun.2024
Sondre Rua Dokken rated Tjørnbrotbu-Geiskelig utfordrende. good. Fin fjellsykling, hvor det meste lår seg sykle23.may.2019

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Rune Knutsen reported the conditions at Tjørnbrotbu-Geiskelig utfordrende. as very good. 26.jun.2024