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Rauddalsfjellets Highland Cream.

Gol, Viken, Norway
1.6km|162m ◢ ◣ 40m|12.07.2015


Variant over the fabulous Rauddalsfjellet which avoids ending/returning on a dirt road and a steep and sometimes difficult descent just before the dirt road.

Instead of cycling the steep and somewhat rocky and bumpy path from Dansarfeten (the headland where there is a boat house and where the stream flows out of Dansartjern) down to the dirt road, you take the smaller path that continues straight ahead on the other side of the stream and follows the edge up to where it goes upwards ~100m up to where it joins the path towards the top. Over 50% of the climb up there can be cycled. (Probably 100% with emtb if you are good uphill?)

The back is, if possible, even nicer than the other way around. The last part of the descent on the carriage road invites you to high speeds, so adjust your speed according to conditions / ability!....

If you only want to cycle only the golden path with flow, you can turn around at the knot section before you come down to Dansartjern and cycle back over the top.

Credits to Bjørn Jarle Trailguide for discovering and sharing this gem of a high mountain flow trail with the rest of us :-)


Drive to Herad, east of Gol, and turn off at Liagardsvegen (signposted to Bagn) and follow this, remember your card or coin for the barrier (50 kroner). Drive on to Brennesætri/Søreli-Nystølen (it's a bit). Park where the road breaks down again.

Step up the gravel road 20 meters from the car park and turn right when you meet a tractor road. This tractor road takes you up to the ridge and path (about 15 minutes of pedaling up there).


Photo: Gunnar Westholm
Photo: Gunnar Westholm

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Sveinung Bertnes Råheim rated Rauddalsfjellets Highland Cream. very good. Fin sykling. God fart nedover, mykje går og å sykle opp. Raud gradering er nok oppover, temmeleg teknisk og bratt i nokre opptak. 23.jun.2021