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Gamle Mugseterveien

Nedre Heidal, Sel, Oppland, Norway
11km|344m ◢ ◣ 307m|31.07.2018



This is an old saddle road from Mugsetrene to Nedre Heidal. The road was used from around 1700 and is still in use when cattle are to be followed to and from the setra in spring and autumn. When the farms in Nedre Heidal built seats, these were first established on the Espesets at the top on the sunny side, and on the Høgsets at the top on the back. Eventually, there was hardly any grazing, and many moved their homes to the Mugsets. This happened from around 1700.

The old Mugsetervegen was rebuilt in 1908-09. From Faukstadsetra (furthest north in the Mugsetren) it goes over the Mughalsen, past Steinkjørkja (a large characteristic rock) and on over the Bergdøla river, also down to the northern sets in the Høgsetren. Great views and mostly open, easy terrain to walk in. Length approx. 15km. Most of the stretch can be cycled, some problems on the Mugseter side. (Bom roads to both Mugsetrene and Høgsetrene).


Can be cycled both from Mugsetrene in Murudalen or Høgsetrene on the Heidal side.

Photo: Øyvind Odden
Photo: Øyvind Odden
Photo: Øyvind Odden
Utsikt mot Kvernbrusetrene
Photo: Øyvind Odden
Ved Høgsetrene
Photo: Øyvind Odden