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Flyt på Uppstad

Uppstad, Valle, Austagder, Norway


Old tractor road, where you have to step five times at the start before you can throw the chain into the forest because then it floats down by itself. A light and great case that is very fun and gives a feeling of Flåklypa.


Take off for Uppstad from rv 9. Park at the bottom of the path. There is plenty of space a few hundred meters beyond where a road has been made to the high-voltage mast. Cycle from there on a dirt road. If there are more of you, you can also drive up to the start.

Fotograf: Sigrid Kjetilsdotter Jore
Photo: Sondre Rua Dokken

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Sondre Rua Dokken rated Flyt på Uppstad very good. En fin flytsti som alle kan mestre, ikke så store utfordringer for den erfarne, men en kan alltids prøve seg på KOM på strava.22.may.2019