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Nystølsfjellet, Gol, Buskerud, Norway
7.5km|282m ◢ ◣ 340m|02.07.2015


If you're ever going to cycle a high mountain trail you'll remember, you should cycle this one. You start with a 15-minute climb up a dirt road and tractor road up to a ridge. There begins a narrow path consisting of hard-packed earth and a few stones, all above the tree line, with a view over the støl areas on Nystølsfjellet, towards Valdres, towards Hallingskarvet, towards Jotunheimen, and down towards Høgevarde, absolutely fantastic.

The first part after you have come up on the ridge is gentle climbing, up towards several intermediate peaks, before you top out on Rauddalsfjellet (1205m). From there, it's an absolutely fantastic downhill drive north-east until you reach a junction. Resist the temptation to continue all the way down to Vesle Grevsjøen (there is a lot of traffic) and instead turn to the right (southeast). Here follows a small section with slightly more tortuous cycling with some heather and driving, but it is quickly forced, and then a fine dirt path takes over between the heather again.

When you reach the outlet of the Dansartjernet you have cycled east of, you cross the stream. There you will find a well prepared, sometimes steep and technical, but fun path down to the dirt road. Turn left approx. 50 meters and then down to the right where the path continues down to a new dirt road. From there, just turn right and cycle back to the car.

I think this one is a bit difficult to grade. I would say that many of the parts up on the mountain are blue, while some parts are clearly red. I mean it's light pink or dark blue, like the whole, I mark it as blue so as not to scare anyone away from a nice experience. Expect one and a half to two hours on the trip.


Drive to Herad, east of Gol, and turn off at Liagardsvegen (signposted to Bagn) and follow this, remember your card or coin for the barrier (50 kroner). Drive on to Brennesætri/Søreli-Nystølen (it's a bit). Park where the road breaks down again.

Step up the gravel road 20 meters from the car park and turn right when you meet a tractor road. This tractor road takes you up to the ridge and path (about 15 minutes of pedaling up there).

På toppvarden. Har man en drone kan man lage sjukt fine bilder her.
Photo: Bjørn Jarle Kvande
Her går det fint å sykle altså.
Photo: Bjørn Jarle Kvande
Selv om mye av stien har god flyt opp mot toppen, finnes det et par crux som må forseres.
Photo: Bjørn Jarle Kvande
På vei opp mot den første toppen.
Photo: Bjørn Jarle Kvande
Dessverre er siste tredjedel av stien ofte våt.
Photo: Bjørn Jarle Kvande
En liten matbit før siste nedkjøring.
Photo: Bjørn Jarle Kvande

Latest reviews

Nina Gässler rated Rauddalsfjellet very good. 360 graders utsikt og fine stier. Jeg er enig med at returen på østsiden ikke scorer like høyt. I dag syklet jeg ned fra fjellet via Revshaugen og Hellebekken. Synes det var en fin alternative. Mer grussykling hvis man skal tilbake til starten da.20.aug.2021
Endre Asheim Hennum rated Rauddalsfjellet good. Fint på ryggen, men ikke like høy kvalitet på østsiden av fjellet. Smal sti og en del vegetasjon.22.jul.2021
Kim Larsen rated Rauddalsfjellet very good. Mye bra sti og bra flyt i fjellterreng.1.sep.2018
Sten Ove Jacobsen rated Rauddalsfjellet epic. Litt krevende, fantastisk utforkjøring 😊😊😊1.sep.2018
Ann-Christin Sørensen rated Rauddalsfjellet very good. Fin runde! Bonden hadde stengt muligheten for å gjennomføre siste lille stiparti med et gjerde så etter litt leting ga vi opp og tok veien tilbake til start.7.aug.2018

Latest reports

Bjørn Jarle Kvande reported the conditions at Rauddalsfjellet as very good. Veldig gode forhold tross regnet i det siste. Merk at siste del av ruta ikke ble syklet, og der bruker det å bli våtere.18.aug.2023
Bjørn Jarle Kvande reported the conditions at Rauddalsfjellet as perfect. Blir ikke bedre 24.jun.2022
Bjørn Jarle Kvande reported the conditions at Rauddalsfjellet as very good. Denne rapporten gjelder før man svinger av på tilbaketuren, så litt mer enn halvveis. Perfekte forhold foruten et par små snøflekker.9.jun.2021
Bjørn Jarle Kvande reported the conditions at Rauddalsfjellet as perfect. Tørt. Kjapt. Perfekt. 19.sep.2020
Bjørn Jarle Kvande reported the conditions at Rauddalsfjellet as good. The first 2/3 is really good. The trail back out is a little muddy and overgrown, but overall absolutely worth the trip. 19.jul.2020