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Nesbyen, Nes, Buskerud, Norway
0.4km|0m ◢ ◣ 76m|23.04.2018


Not used that much and a bit knotty, but it's there for those of you who like it.

Going down STEEPLY on the dirt road, which you follow down to the barrier and the other paths.

A nice alternative is to use it as a connection between Smudismud and Den Gule.


Start with Smudismud and turn off at some bone remains on one tree.

Gry Svantesvold på det bratteste partiet i løypa Elgtråkket
Photo: Espen Kørra

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Anders Lund rated Elgtråkket good. The last 100 meters is the real black part ;)27.jul.2020

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Christopher Eide Fredriksen reported the conditions at Elgtråkket as very good . 27.apr.2019