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Geilo, Hol, Buskerud, Norway
1.8km|44m ◢ ◣ 198m|06.06.2015


A new twist on an old classic! Perhaps the funnest way to get back down to the center from the mountain paths above Geilo.

It starts with a fast tractor road that quickly transitions to a traversing path with several hundred meters of northshore. You will not fall here as it is relatively far down to the ground. Turn left when you meet the hiking trail "Pilvegen" (here there may be hikers at weekends) and past a yellow bench. The lower part is relatively steep and a little rocky. After you get out on the ski slope, you have to get off your bike to cross the sheep fence. The path ends with a nice downward crux straight out onto the dirt road, which ends at the back of Dr. Holms Hotel.

Can be shuttled. No uphills.


The path begins on the ski bridge at the car park just outside Havsdalsgrenda.

Hexen, Geilo.
Photo: Duane Butcher
Hexen, Geilo.
Photo: Duane Butcher