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Ranheimsbygda, Nord-Aurdal, Oppland, Norway
1.8km|10m ◢ ◣ 260m|04.09.2014


Lovely, winding path through felled fields and forest. Some roots and rocks, but no significant technical challenges. A little tight in some places, open and more speed in other parts. In some places you can get hit by a branch if you're not careful. You have to cross two fences, otherwise there is absolutely no reason to get off the bike.

No large wet holes or particularly slippery sections mean that this trail can be cycled on all kinds of roads. Because of. of trees and many bends, this path is quite unclear, so watch out for walkers.

Continue all the way to the Tunnel Toppen. Then cycle a little upwards to Garlikrysset and towards Fagernes. Then take the path that turns left immediately after the crossing. This extension is steep and demanding (black).


The path begins in a logging field and can be reached in the following ways:

Alternative 1: Sustjernet (seen easily on the map) is located in Ranheimsbygda just by the road towards Leirin Flyplass and Kruk. Here it is possible to get to the logging field and the path by crossing a stile on the south side of the pond. The road enters just before you reach Sustjernet. Aim for the gate on the other side of the field. The trail starts here. Trampling grass that will become fodder is inappropriate. If the grass is too long, keep right to the edge of the field, or use the next option.

Option 2: See the description for the path "Mine". At the mentioned intersection where this path starts, you follow the road that turns west here. This ends at a car park where a path begins which you follow through the logging field towards the Leira river. You are not going down, but up through the felling field. At a cottage yard close to the river, cross the bridge and continue until you reach a logging field. This is where the fun begins.

Bare motet som setter begrensninger på farten her. Rytter: Stefan Glasøe.
Photo: Endre Asheim Hennum

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