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Leira, Nord-Aurdal, Oppland, Norway
1.8km|8m ◢ ◣ 336m|04.09.2014


At the top, a gentle and winding flow path. A steep bend takes you down a more technical section through a pine forest before you thunder out onto a new felling field. Back into the forest on a steep section, then a steeper stretch before you get to test your agility on a narrow forest path. After passing a slightly rocky section, you get a fast-paced finish back on the tarmac.

No wet holes mean that this trail can be cycled in all kinds of weather. The steep sections and some technical obstacles mean that this trail has a degree of difficulty demanding if it is to be cycled in its entirety. Much used footpath, watch out for walkers! Number of height meters: 330.


From Leira, you cycle/drive upwards towards Skaveldenbygda past Valdre's upper secondary school. Take off towards Pilset. Follow this road until it flattens out after a few kilometers and you get a logging field at the bottom of the road. Stop at the road junction at a small gravel roof on the upper side of the road (called Gruva), it is possible to park here. The path begins at the pine tree at the crossing.

Krappe svinger setter teknikken på prøve gjennom hogstfeltet på toppen av stien.
Photo: Endre Asheim Hennum
Fra midtpartiet gjennom furuskogen langs elva. Rytter: Anders Asheim Hennum.
Photo: Endre Asheim Hennum
Velkjent norsk terreng. Rytter: Halstein Hoftun.
Photo: Endre Asheim Hennum

Latest reviews

Nina Gässler rated Gruva very good. Veldig gøy når man liker bratte stier med innslag av glatte steiner og røtter og noe off-camber på smale stier. Vi syklet i tørre forhold. Mulig at jeg hadde kost meg mindre etter en periode med regn. Det var et stikryss der vi ble litt usikre. Det ser ut som et t-kryss, men stien fortsetter faktisk rett frem. 11.aug.2021
Philipp Martin rated Gruva ok. This could be a great one, if it was in better condition when i rode it. It was nice and dry, but somtimes the trail was hard to find. It also hat quite a few trees laying over the trail. I had some struggle with the rock sections, others may not. If you have time, you may want to check it out, but if you are on a riad trip and a little limited on time, you may skip it.1.aug.2018

Latest reports

Endre Asheim Hennum reported the conditions at Gruva as good . Noen oppvoksende furutrær tett på stien i hogstfeltet på toppen og noe langt gress som gjør det litt vanskelig å se stien der den går gjennom hogstfeltet lenger ned. Ellers er stien i bra stand. Ser ut som den har blitt jobbet litt med da det har blitt flyttet på litt stein her og der.23.jul.2020