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Topptur over Solbergvarden, Lokkeråsen og Nerdammen

Drammen, Nedre Eiker, Buskerud, Norway
14.3km|572m ◢ ◣ 567m|17.10.2016


Challenging trip with fantastic views over the valley to the south. Take the ski track up to the right just before the bridge. Great and tiring trail cycling up to Aslakene, from there push/carry to the top of Solbergvarden. Enjoy the view and continue cycling along several waters over a couple of peaks (the highest point is Lokkeråsen at 607 m) until you come down to Nerdammen via beautiful paths. Take one of the area's best and longest descents, Glabakk, down to the gravel and from there back to Aron. Allow at least two and a half hours for the trip. Around 600-700 meters in altitude.


Start and finish at Aron ski center's parking lot. Follow the footpath and gravel road (800 metres) into the valley along the hill towards the Solbergelva.

Photo: Simen Filseth
Utsikt fra Solbergknatten
Photo: Simen Filseth
Folk på utsikten - sykler dere her???
Photo: Simen Filseth

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Arne Bøe rated Topptur over Solbergvarden, Lokkeråsen og Nerdammen good. Innledningsvis veldig bratt med mye trilling og bæring, tviler på at så mange tar den første biten så mange ganger. Oppe på platået er det relativt enkle stier i ett flott område, men stedvis veldig oppkjørt så en bør definitivt unngå denne turen i våte perioder. Knall nedkjøring27.jun.2021
Anders Lund rated Topptur over Solbergvarden, Lokkeråsen og Nerdammen good. 27.jul.2020
Alexa Halkema rated Topptur over Solbergvarden, Lokkeråsen og Nerdammen epic. As described, a bike route with a difficult climb, but incredible views of the valley and a great decent! Get ready for a tough but exuberayting ride. Worth coming from Spain to try out 😁24.aug.2019