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Gjerdrum, Viken, Norway
1.6km|6m ◢ ◣ 93m|06.09.2016


An alternative path to get a longer ride. Takes off to the left from the route Vardeåsen - the cairn on singletrack and over a marshy area without mudflats but which can be cycled if it is dry. Keep straight on all the way and you will end up on the path from the Gjerdrum side of Vardeåsen. Funniest downhill, but good to cycle the other way too.


Follow the route Vardeåsen - varden, after you have crossed the Asbjørnsenstien and turned left at the signposted junction, drive down the exit and turn right at the T-junction. Drive over a wet section and take the path to the left immediately afterwards. If you come from the Gjerdrum side, turn right where the path to the cairn turns left.