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Sollausstien til Fløgo

Hemsedal, Hemsedal kommune, Buskerud, Norway
3.3km|96m ◢ ◣ 552m|18.08.2014


650 meters in height with perhaps two of the most beautiful stretches in Hemsedal. The uppermost section goes in a winding, wonderful heather path over a couple of swains. The middle part starts in steep woodland to a flat rocky path. The last part (also called the Hjelsetstien after the path builder,n) goes through coniferous forest and splits up with a lovely meadow. Here it is a great advantage to have someone in front of you! In conclusion, there is some jumping and dosing for those who do not want to drive straight ahead.

You cycle three times over the brand new alpine trail that is being built down to the city centre. It destroys some of the idyll but does not cause any problems. The 4th time you hit the track you are on the far right. Here there are felled trees over the path, but roll 10 meters around them and you will see the path again. 100 meters down, there is an orange arrow to the 100 meter trolley path that leads you to the ultimate happiness!

This is the perfect last ride on a day out, and straight to the afterbike at Hemsedal cafe, or take it as a training session with an adrenaline finish!

PS add the trip up another 150 meters towards Totten 2 Heisen for an extra long flow path, that path can be seen well from Holvinheisen. As here in the film, the GPS track starts at 1.37 in the film: https://vimeo.com/74970358


Cycle 650 meters up a simple gravel road to the top of the Holvinheisen (8-seater) in Hemsedal ski centre. You spend around an hour on that with a trail bike. You can also drive a car that is not too low, or of course take the lift when it is open.

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Amadeu Vidal rated Sollausstien til Fløgo epic. amazing trail! check it out in this link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zv97BGL8gIo&ab_channel=AmadeuVidalMas30.aug.2021
Leif Simonsen rated Sollausstien til Fløgo good. 21.aug.2021

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Simen Berg reported the conditions at Sollausstien til Fløgo as good. 30.aug.2020