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Leira, Nord-Aurdal, Oppland, Norway
0.6km|9m ◢ ◣ 144m|14.07.2016


Steep classic past Flaggberget on Leira. Beautifully winding barnäule trail that follows a ridge before it gets steeper and more technical down towards Flaggberget. At Flaggberget, you can take your time to enjoy the view and perhaps walk under the flag before cycling the last bit down towards the tarmac (Garlivegen).

This trail requires you to master the bike on steep terrain. One part is also somewhat exposed, so you shouldn't fall there. It is a real technical crux, but not impossible for technically driven cyclists. If it is wet, there will of course be less margin on braking distances and such, but it is not impossible to cycle here even if it is damp.


This trail is best taken as a variant of the descent from Sustjernet to Garli (see separate description). As this path descends onto a tractor road where you turn right and then cross a fence, you instead turn left on this tractor road. Look for signs for the Flag. Jump over the fence and push the bike up the first few meters until you are on the back. Start here

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