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Trail biking in Vågå kommune, Oppland, Norway

In Vågå kommune you can find 56 MTB trails with a total length of 124 km. Plan your bike tour on the most beautiful singletracks with GPX tracks, pictures, descriptions and height profiles. Filter for the best rated mountain bike tours or choose the difficulty to find the best trails for your adventure. Use the Trailguide app to see your GPS location and navigate on your route.

Trails in Vågå kommune, Oppland

Over Olashovda

6.7km, Vågå, Oppland
Some of the best Vågå has to offer off the trails. Drive up Kveom (takes an hour by bike) and park at the "mine" at Langmyrene, a parking lot on the left side of the road. Path on snail jelly up to th…


3.7km, Vågå, Oppland
Some of the best Vågå has to offer off the trail. Take off Strondsetervegen at little price. Path in birch forest to "bulldozerstripe" / tractor road. Turn left onto this and continue about 50 meters.…


6.1km, Vågå, Oppland
Take off the road and up towards Veslvassfjellet. Eventually you come into the muddy pebble trail above the top. Downhill skiing with nice flow towards Tesse.

Bessvatnet til Russvatnet

4.1km, Tessanden, Oppland
Kjempefin flow path from the plateau at Bessvatnet. One follows the DNT mark and the path all the way, and one therefore takes into account any hiking tourists. Note that there is a small portion o…

Russvassosen til Russtangen

6.6km, Tessanden, Oppland
This is a nice tier trail, or as the end of the Bessheim-Bessvatnet-Russvatnet round. Nice flow path in nice surroundings, which follows the old road to Russvassosen. There will be a car / tractor…


2.4km, Tessanden, Oppland
The trail follows the hiking trail up to Bessvatnet. It's okay to ride a bike at the start, but after a while it becomes steep and sometimes technically demanding. When one afterwards comes up against…

Skiferbrotet til Liasetrene

5km, Vågå, Oppland
A Vågå classic. This old farm road is now a nice path along Nordheringslia. Cycle back the same way, back on Liasetervegen (gravel) or continue inwards and cross the river Finna in Finndalen.


3.4km, Tessanden, Oppland
This trail follows the DNT trail from Gjendesheim to Bessheim. Can be cycling both ways, but is easiest from Gjendesheim towards Bessheim. A little steep at first, but when one gets up, it's okay…

Jettjern - Jettsetra

3.8km, Vågå, Oppland
One of the most beautiful paths of the village is this from Jettjern and inland to Jettsetra. Return the same way.


4.8km, Lalm, Oppland
Nice hike, with a very good view. A little steep and technical at the start, as well as on the runway. Nice flow on top of the mountain. Nice break at Liatjønn which is about halfway. Rememb…

Liaberget - Krossen

1km, Vågåmo, Oppland
First part of the wonderful downhill run from Liaberget to the bottom of the Brons Valley. In total, this is over 4 km with downhill and approximately 450 altitude meters. The first part goes on varie…

Veslsætre downhill via Krok

2.7km, Vågå, Oppland
Most of the trail is nicely cleared by Sjårdalen IL. Some short parties with slightly larger requirements for cycling with rock and small drip and about -30 degrees of gradient on the trail. The tra…

Øvre Nordheradsveg til Lye

1.9km, Vågåmo, Oppland
The path is marked with a wooden sign with a picture of a person walking. Set this to red / demanding because much of it is little used, and therefore it is unclear and narrow. The last part is steep.…

Nedkjøring på sti Sveaholen

1.1km, Vågå, Oppland
Turn off from Skjellvegen, follow the tractor road until it stops and pass right into cleared path, slightly small-technical when crossing a stream, otherwise nice trail until it ends in Krokjellen. …

Gamle Skårsbrekka

1.7km, Lalm, Oppland
Gamlevegen from Lalm towards Heidal. Starting on gravel road, take a walk to the right and follow the path / road down to JT Bike (Here you can get your bike repaired by a special bike driver) Th…

Ny nedfart i Bronsdalen

1.2km, Vågå, Oppland
Newly cleared path (not cleared by me) down Bronsdalen. See photos here: https://www.strava.com/activities/1219617230

Skiferbrotet mot Valbjør/Visdal

1.2km, Vågå, Oppland
Great "barnålsti" from the ski slope across the hill to Valbjør / Visdal. Feel free to take a trip through Liaberget. The trail goes, among other things, to a gap hut. It may be worth taking a break. …

Heggerusten - Flåten - Kleive - vegen mellom Grevrusten og Midtli

2.6km, Vågå , Oppland
Starting steeply past the Fleet, it is good to take a break if it suits you. Pretty rocky / mura in the Kleive area.


1.9km, Vågåmo, Oppland
Well-marked trail (red piles) and various signs of local history and culture. Some things go here, so be aware of these. Some bridges that are a little "tricky" but that should be bicycle.


1km, Vågå, Oppland
The equilibrium is one of the most popular trails / roads from Vågåmo towards Nordherad and back again. Can be cycled both up and down. Pay attention to hikers!

Austrem - Neset bru

1.2km, Vågåmo, Oppland
Nice trail from Austrem in Sjårdalen to Neset bridge. Pretty funny move down at the end! Can cycle both ways.

Heggerusten - Midtli

2.4km, Vågå, Oppland
Relatively easy path from the road that goes up to Heggerusten to cross below Grevrusten, tractor road from here to Midtli. Great view of Vågåvatnet and towards Jotunheimen. Take the trip through the …


1.2km, Vågå, Oppland
This is one very nice and fast flow path. One follows the signs marked Gapahuk / 1.8 km Samfunnshuset / Austrem-Samfunnshuset. Can be combined with more of the stiane in the area. Mostly a trail in …

Stompehaugen - Nørdre Neset

0.9km, Vågå, Oppland
The beginning here is good, but it's hard to see the path itself. This is probably an old trail that more or less has disappeared. This takes up considerably and eventually becomes a nice downhill run…

Melingen - Reiresetra/Skogsetra

2.6km, Vågå, Oppland
Great trail, a bit more technical when approaching Reiresetra. Also possible to continue on the Heidal side.

Opp Bronsdalen

1.1km, Vågåmo, Oppland
Nice way to get up the Brons Valley, to drive down the Brons Valley DH or continue northward (Slia).


0.3km, Tessanden, Oppland
Nice shutters, to avoid cycling on the road. A couple of technical parties, but the rest is okay.

Over Stokkstadåsen

1.4km, Vågå, Oppland
Simple but nice trail from Kleppehøgda and across the hill. There are many trails in the area here so just try it out.


0.7km, Vågå, Oppland
Nice and fast flowing. Going through a new snauhogst, which follows the tractor road a little bit. Steep alternative than Stompehaugen.Gapahuken.

Ulvestigen til Sveum

0.7km, Vågå, Oppland
Path that connects Ulvestigen and the paths around Grevrusten, so as not to fall on the asphalt. Slightly narrow, but nice to ride.

Langs Melingen

0.7km, Vågå, Oppland
Path to combine, for example, Olashovda - The bridge and the ski slope with the Flatningen, Gråhø etc. Melting terrain, so it is usually a lot of soft hollow.


0.9km, Vågå, Oppland
Easy child-friendly flat path from Sundbrua to the pier at Vanglandet. Pay attention to hikers!


5.8km, Vågå, Oppland
You take off a little above Jetta. Is the sign for Skagsnebb. Nice, but a bit demanding path up to Skagsnebb. Furthermore, the path goes down Grevskaftsbana and down towards Skjellom. Pretty steep pat…

Olashovda - Sjårdalen

5.4km, Vågå , Oppland
Steep down from Olashovda to Sjårdalen

Kleivhøe - Rusnes

3.9km, Vågå, Oppland
Starting from Kleivhøe and following the height above the mountain. Eventually it goes down into a birch forest. After crossing a stream, the trail rises steeply down, but it's good flow, and you get …

Topptur Tordkampen

6.7km, Vågåmo, Oppland
Knallfin tour with knallfin utsikt. Nice sword and single track. Drive off at one of the top seats and follow your back to the top!

Bratt sti ned fra Holungssætre

2.1km, Vågåmo, Oppland
Begins with a gentle easy path, but draws properly to the leg. Occasionally exposed parties and very steep path if you are very good (and have a decent psyche) you can ride the whole road.


2.3km, Vågå, Oppland
The trail has poor accessibility as of now (May 2018), since there is a final windfall and three that make one get little flow. In addition, it's wet down in more places. The plan is that this wi…

Krossen - Liasetervegen

1km, Vågåmo, Oppland
Share two of the wonderful downhill runs from the Liaberget to the bottom of the Brons Valley. This goes from the tractor road coming up from Valbjør, down through the woods on a varied and beautiful …

Søre til nordre Nistingen

1.7km, Vågåmo, Oppland
Nice mountain trail about three-lane from southern to northern Nistingen.

Gamle lysløypa fra Likvegen mot Liasetervegen

1.5km, Vågåmo, Oppland
Linking from the top of Likvägen (Kvarbergåsen) to the paths coming up / down the Bronsdalen. Going in earlier light slope, so this is wide and simple. You must have two grinders on this stretch, and …

En skjult skatt i Skogbygda

1.9km, Vågå, Oppland
Great trail in the birch forest in Skogbygda

Rompa - Kleppe

2.1km, Vågå, Oppland
Nice wide path from Rompa at the top of Kveom towards Kleppe.

Ned til Fjellheim

0.7km, Vågåmo, Oppland
Fun trail that goes over some pastures, and depending on how much grass it is, it can be hard to see just what the trail is going on (see video below). May be easy to get "pulled" right when you get d…

Sti Kleppelie

1.7km, Vågå, Oppland
Nice old route for those who want to cross between Moasetervegen and Kleppelievegen. Alternates between small technical path and old cart road

Alternativ sti mellom Bronsdalen og Liasetervegen

1.3km, Vågåmo, Oppland
A bit of a well-groomed trail with good potential through the forests. About half of this has been cleared in the autumn of 2017, and hopefully the rest will be cleared too. Something more technically…

Ovenfor Klones

2km, Vågåmo, Oppland
Pretty wide and easy path from Kleivvegen which enters the tractor road down to Sundbrua.

Vågåmo (Ullinsvin) - Jutulporten - bunn av Likvegen

0.9km, Vågåmo, Oppland
Possible paths for cycling on a trail from Vågåmo to the bottom of the equilibrium. Continue up the same road or inwards towards the Brons Valley.

Alternativ ned til Blessom

0.5km, Vågå, Oppland
If you want a slacker path down from the Sætvegen to Blessom, and want to avoid dropping down the rock, this is fine. Nice kidnail flow all the way.

Alternativ ned Bronsdalen

0.5km, Vågåmo, Oppland
If you get tired of the "main road" down the Brons Valley, then this is the path for you. Take off from Liaseter Road as usual, but keep left on tractor / wide path, and keep left at the next intersec…

Ned til Ulsand

0.6km, Vågå , Oppland
Steep down to Ulsand

Sandbu - mx-bana

1km, Vågå, Oppland
Partly nice trail, but some "herpa" of traffic under the stream. Is it good for you?

Ned til Kleppe

0.8km, Vågå, Oppland
Nice downhill ride on the nice trail from Kleppelivegen almost all the way down to Kleppe. Crossing the road sometimes.

Langs Sve-jordet til Sundbrua

1.6km, Vågå, Oppland
Child-friendly trail / tractor road along the industrial area in Vågå, along Sve-jordet, crossing the RV15 and along Ottaelva to Sundbrua


1.1km, Vågå, Oppland
Pretty steep but technically straight exit from Sjårdalsvegen to Skottlivegen. The start is marked with a trip sign.

Skjellom - Sveaholen

0.3km, Vågå, Oppland
Nice trail between Skjellom and Sveaholen. Beware of walking!