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Trail biking in Bodø, Nordland, Norway

In Bodø you can find 36 MTB trails with a total length of 120 km. Plan your bike tour on the most beautiful singletracks with GPX tracks, pictures, descriptions and height profiles. Filter for the best rated mountain bike tours or choose the difficulty to find the best trails for your adventure. Use the Trailguide app to see your GPS location and navigate on your route.

Trails in Bodø, Nordland

Øvre Åselivann

6.8km, Saltstraumen, Nordland
A large part of the trail goes on fine rock with good grip. Can ride a bit up in the hillsides and play with shutdowns in relation to their skills .-) Usable marked and planks of stone or wet end.…


34.7km, Bodø, Nordland
Nice long round that stops a lot of good down the trails. Round here assumes Hunstad elementary school. It all starts with a trip up to Hunstad top. Take the path on the north side. When you reach the…

All-in-one, Svensdalsfjellet

15km, Bodø, Nordland
Nice path that contains most things. A little free riding at the top, tight turns in the birch forest, nice children's needle and mach 3 speed as dessert.


2.9km, Bodo, Nordland
Starts at the top of Keiservarden. Here there is a jumble of paths so it can be a little difficult to find the right way down on the first try. An incredibly fun trail that contains many fun parts. Pa…

Saltstraumen - Mor du e hot!

11.8km, Saltstraumen, Nordland
Great trail in varied terrain! The trip goes over Lille and Storebranden on Knapplund, at Saltstraumen. The trip can be taken as a round or with a tick, depending on what you want. The trail runs on v…


2.3km, Bodø, Nordland
One of Bodø easiest and longest flytsti. Equally suitable for beginners as for experts. The trail starts down a small valley with nice flow and turns, before it passes over some rocks and over a klo…


3.5km, Bodø, Nordland
Move! Some rocky, technical sections above the tree line. Steeper below tree line. Nothing difficult or dangerous, but the possibility of HIGH speed in areas with spruce forest. Smooth in the woods if…


0.9km, Bodø, Nordland
Starting in the trail crossing along Vågøyvannet, take intermediate trail. There is a steep uphill at the start. Eventually flattens out before down the fun starts. On one point the trail splits, keep…


4.5km, Bodø, Nordland
A nice trail with fun descents and turns. The trail should be cycled same way up, since local farmer can find to put obstacles in the path.


2.9km, Bodø, Nordland
A good option down the mountain if you're not so fond of tractor road. Note. The trail is over excavated a new forest road 1/3 down. There has been a high cut. Can be arranged for each


1.5km, Bodø, Nordland
Follow the gravel road towards Keiservarden up to the junction where it says it is 700 meters below the top, take the dirt road to the right. Here there is a parking area. Here you will find the start…


1.6km, Bodø, Nordland
Nice and easy path. Good trip.


1.6km, Bodø, Nordland
If you come from machinist take the first path on the left after you have cycled up the first steep hill on Vågøyvannstien. Coming from Bestemorenga is the last path to the left before the hill down t…


0.8km, Bodø, Nordland
Bike Park. Have more beautiful trails. Small jumps, dosages and pumping rails. Here you will find some for every taste regardless of skill level.


1.5km, Bodø, Nordland
Pedaling uphill against Keiservarden. After a few km turn off the gravel road and into the left of the trail. Keep left where the path splits. After you have passed view bench simply releasing the bra…


0.9km, Bodø, Nordland
A funny and a bit technically demanding trail with a lot of braking

Løpende villsvin på motorvei

1.6km, Bodø, Nordland
Starting in Storli junction and follow the limit on the range and back on the ski piste (it is this part called ongoing boar) a little further on the track so you reach a junction turn right here, bef…


2km, Bodø, Nordland
Starts on the little emperor. Need some work / cycling. Fin sti. When you have cycled all the trails x number of times, remember that change delights and give this trail a chance.


1.2km, Bodo, Nordland
Easy and fun path. The trail runs from the top of Løpsfjellet and down the east side to Bertnesskaret. After the run down, you usually push the trail to Løpsfjellet, it is possible to ride the Berness…


1.3km, Bodo, Nordland
Starting at the top of Hunstadtoppen. Throw eastward. The first part of the trail goes on one of the main paths to the top so one must be aware of walking. At one point one turns left and onto a narro…


1.2km, Bodø, Nordland
Depress and push the bike up to 254 top of Storli back, but instead head west down the back (which is a very nice alternative start at Storli backrest) trills in the northern direction. Down on the sk…


1.2km, Bodø, Nordland
The trail does not start far from the water tower. The trail follows the power line over Høglia. The first part requires some trotting. The last third has a little more fall. Nice transport path to eg…


1.2km, Bodø, Nordland
Take one of the many trails up to the Hunstad top. On top of the top you turn the trunk towards the center, but not for a long time, just roll down a small hill and over some planks before heading to …

Transport sti Vågøyvannet SØR 1

1.6km, Bodo, Nordland
A simple transport path on the south side of the water and the Nato route to Junker Mountain. The trail can also be cycled further around vågøyvannet. The last part of the trail is not velodrome for…


0.7km, Bodo, Nordland
Just before reaching the river from Dyrliryggen you will take a crank of 180 degrees left turn. At the top there are some high-speed swings in the forest, then it becomes evener.


0.8km, Bodø, Nordland
A nice trail that takes you down to the start of Dyrli, or if you want to ride further into racing mountain


1.4km, Bodø, Nordland
Starter på toppen av Junkerfjellet. Følg hovedstien ned til to jordhopp. Etter hopp nummer to følger du stien rett frem inn i skogen, ikke videre ned i fallinjen(selv om den og kan sykles). Stien har …


2km, Bodø, Nordland
Følg 255 skiltet fra skiløypa. Stien kan startes fra 255 utsiktspunktet eller fra stikrysset ikke lenge før toppen. 255 starten er brattere og har mer kratt. Stikryss starten er flater og åpnere og ha…


0.4km, Bodø, Nordland
Short little clip down from Junker Mountain. Nice little trail that used to get a little away from the gravel pedaling when to connect multiple stisegmenter for a longer trip.


0.8km, Bodø, Nordland
Sti som følger fallinjen. Har et par hopp og noen ødelagte treelementer. Her går det en del folk så vær obs. Dette er det korteste veien opp til toppen av Junkerfjellet, her er det bare å hoppe av syk…


0.3km, Bodø, Nordland
Link mellom Junkerlia/Skummelskogen/Hoill brillan og Frost.


1.8km, Bodø, Nordland
Denne stien kan sykles både oppover og nedover.


1.5km, Bodø, Nordland
Sjølvstendig sti som starter i T-krysset der stien frå toppen av Storliryggen møter stien som går under toppen. Stien er ein etablert og tilrettelagt for sykling av entusiaster vinter og vår 2020. Sti…

Skarddalslia til Bertnesskaret / Løpsfjellet

2.1km, Bodø, Nordland
Gamal og ny traktorveg. Forlenga siste to åra i regi av Bodø kommune opp til Bertnesskaret. Teknisk enkel sti, men kan lett gje store doser mjølkesyre på tur opp. Rett før Bertnesskaret deler vegen se…

Bertnesskaret mot Skardmoklubben

0.5km, Bodø, Nordland
Ny traktorveg etablert av Bodø kommune opp brattaste delen av Bertnesskaret. Kan syklast både opp og ned. Sti vidare opp på Skardmoklubben/Steinmofjellet er litt uavklart. Stien vidare er litt djup og…

Hestvegen frå Skardmoen til Asylsetra

3.6km, Bodø, Nordland
Trakorveg parallelt med lysløypa frå Skardmoen til Asylsetra. Enkel sykling, tyngst med start i Skardmoen. Nokre våte parti er klopplagt. Vegen blir brukt av både syklister, folk til hest, gåande og s…