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Trail biking in Nes, Buskerud, Norway

In Nes you can find 34 MTB trails with a total length of 159 km. Plan your bike tour on the most beautiful singletracks with GPX tracks, pictures, descriptions and height profiles. Filter for the best rated mountain bike tours or choose the difficulty to find the best trails for your adventure. Use the Trailguide app to see your GPS location and navigate on your route.

Trails in Nes, Buskerud

The Classic i Nes Sørmark

16.5km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
A trail that has the most, from gravel, a little machine-built, stone, marsh, cart road, high mountains, woods, tiny knots and lots of flow and some nice descents. The trail can be nicely cycled both …

Den Ravinde - en av Norges beste flytstier (aka. Gigameter'n)

2.6km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
The first machine-built downhill trail in Nesbyen - and one of the country's roughest trails (according to Terrengsykkel.no). Large doses, some jumps, drops and generally very good flow. About the mid…

Syninglia - Tverrlia

3.4km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
Nice walk / bike path over the top of the ski lift. The path is built with gravel or soil surface without special stones and roots and a pitch of max. 7 degrees. This manages most. Stunning views at…

Den Tærige (tidl. Enduroløypa)

3.2km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
What does the name mean? "The Thirty" means "The Pleasant" in the local dialect (Halling). A nice nice singletrack path with good flow. Starting at "View" which is the starting point for many runs …


9km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
Top trip to Beia 1081 meters above sea level. A trip for those who enjoy bike riding, fantastic views and long downhill runs. Beia is the distinctive mountain peak / ridge right up Nesbyen. To get up,…


8.8km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
Nice gravel and gazing round which starts at the parking lot of Nesfjellet Golf. You first cycle a short distance on dirt roads through the golf course in the direction of Tverrlia hut. Follow the y…


2km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
A path that has almost legendary status in Nesbyen. This is a simple technical path that follows an old timber trail. The substrate is even and a mixture of baby eels and hard-packed soil. The trail…


1.7km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
Some believe this is the coolest downhill run in Nesbyen. A bit long access if you cycle all the way from the center but it can also be shuttled well up. From the center of Nesbyen, you cycle / shut…

Traversen og Knuts favoritt

1.6km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
Traversen continues straight ahead at the first large dose in "The Ravinde". An occasional technical and fun path. Passes high wooden bridge. Can be very wet after Midtlivegen. From "The View", sta…

Sti Mcgee

2.8km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
NB Parts of the trail "grow again" with high grass in the middle of summer. Therefore, it pays to take this trail early or late in the season for optimum visibility. A speeding party of a trail. To…


17.2km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
NB This has many wet marsh lots and should therefore be avoided during wet periods to avoid unnecessary wear on the vegetation. A great tour of approx. 17 km (400 altitude meters). Occasionally tec…


2.5km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
Keep right down the gravel road and then up approx. 350 meters. The path goes slightly to the right here. Attention when the trail can be a bit twisted and find. The substrate is relatively even with …

Trommenatten Smylifjell

11.4km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
A path with great variety. Starts with some gravel before it partly passes over a marsh and into fine forest cycling. Then technical climb before you get over the tree line and it gets a little less t…

Klevarudnatten sørside

1.4km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
Top trip over the "regular" trails at Nesbyen. Pushbike almost 100% up from the view. From the top there are stunning views of Nesbyen. You walk up the same path as you cycle down. You can't go wrong.…

Den Jartuge (tidl. Norgescupløypa)

1.6km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
What does the name mean? "Anniversary" means "brave" in the local dialect (Halling). Downhill trail used for Norgescup and NM in Nesbyen. At times steep and rough, but if you take it easy, the trai…


0.8km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
When this trail was new, it got its name because it had a very dirty surface. After a few years of influence from use and the forces of nature, it has become less dirt. But it is still a cool path wit…

Lille Beia

5km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
A top trip that is relatively demanding, one can cycle first about 2 km but the rest is pushing and carrying upwards in occasionally steep and slightly rough terrain. If you want to take the trip to t…


1.6km, Trytetjern, Buskerud
Nice little round up at the bathing water Trytetjern. The tramp line is also close by where most of the downhill paths on the east side start. Perfect warming round! The path is 100% machine built a…

Snøggen (tidl. Klassikeren)

1km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
The first trail that was used in the trail network we know at Nesbyen today. Can be cycled from the top of Utsikten, or you can take off from Den Ravinde in the last large dosage before the gravel …

Påskeekstra Extra

1.5km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
Extra bit giving you 615 meters downhill. Starting with cycling / trolling quite steeply uphill on forest road to this surface out. Here the path begins. Something indistinct at first and goes into a …


0.8km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
The extension of the slightly legendary "Easter Path" starts from the top of Bringenattveien. The trail starts slaughtering for 50 meters before it becomes relatively steep and semi-technical a few hu…


10.4km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
A nice little round with a touch of mountain biking for every taste. Nice forest cycling, some knotcrux, a couple of tough climbs, a couple of climbs, great views, nice high mountain singletrack and s…


1.2km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
This trail offers a good mix of newly made trail and old timber tow. The first 100 meters start with a new path and smooth terrain before it enters an old timber trailer. Here it gets steeper and it w…


1.1km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
A trail for those who like to work a bit with the terrain, something happens all the time in the beginning and you have to be able to get speed and flow in the first half. More tight turns and semi-te…

Vardefjell runden

11.3km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
Horseback riding with amazing views, a lot of good flow and some real crux just as possible.

Teterudstien (SS5)

1.2km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
A technically simple path that goes down to the parking lot at Hallingdal Folkemuseum. Not recommended when wet. In summer, the grass grows high and dense along parts of the trail, which reduces visib…

Espeset Extra

0.7km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
A good alternative to a 2 km dirt road to get to the start of the fine Espeset trail. The path has variable quality, some parts with flow and speed, other parties with small technical knot. But everyt…


1.7km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
A hilly path with some short downhill and uphill crux. Starts relatively flat and winds its way downhill, before a slightly rocky downhill followed by a crux uphill. Flatten out a bit again before you…

Den Gule

0.8km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
This trail is a detour from the Tartige and is among the less used trails on the east side. The substrate is characterized by a lot of rocks and roots, but here it is possible to keep great speed righ…


0.4km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
Not so much used and a bit knotty, but it is there for those who like it. Goes down on the gravel road, which you follow down to the boom and the other paths. Nice alternative is to use it as a co…


0.3km, Nesbyen Golf, Buskerud
Fun little round on the gravel path too small and big. This is suitable for all ages and skills.

Gamle Bøgasetveien

5.7km, Nesbyen Bøgaset, Buskerud
Mix of dirt road, old road and path. A more fun alternative to getting down from the mountain after cycling eg "the classic". Starts on a gravel road and goes to the darts several times before cross…

Haglebu - Imle

27.5km, Eggedal Haglebu - Imle, Buskerud
The shortcut from Haglebu to Imle without cycling down into the valley on asphalt. There are paths between the cabin road network at Trøgaset, Søndre Buhovd, Nordre Buhovd and Imle. Several trees over…


0.2km, Nesbyen, Buskerud
A small but fun pumping track